Effective Methods for Learning Chinese

Everybody agrees that Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to study. However, the use of effective methods can help you to achieve your goals.

At the beginning, some people face big challenges in pronouncing, listening, and learning Chinese characters. They also struggle to put all the meanings together. Which difficulties are you having trouble with? Today, I will try to give you some good methods to learn Chinese, in the hopes that you can apply these to your individual learning difficulties:

Making Class Fun is Crucial for Student Success

It is important for me to have fun with all my students, and to find out their interests, and also to encourage them to study Chinese more.

As a Native Chinese Teacher, it is essentially my job to run a successful Chinese class that I can share with all my students. I must firstly know how to find out their different interests, and secondly be able to instill important study skills into them.