Learn Chinese Pronunciation

Why Learn Chinese Pronunciation?Why would one want to do so much for correct pronunciation of Chinese? There are several factors to consider for learning Chinese pronunciation. Maybe the most important reason would be that the native Chinese speakers appreciate correct pronunciation far more than correct grammar. That is quite reasonable, just consider what the benefit of … Read more

Chinese Pinyin Table

Learn Pinyin Chinese Pinyin is a Roman-letter based system that China now uses to mark the pronunciation of Chinese characters. With four tones and pinyin, any Chinese characters can be pronounced precisely. In many cases, Pinyin is quite intuitive to English speakers with only a few exceptions. However, it can be a twist to render … Read more

Google-Kingsoft PowerWord(Free Chinese-English Dictionary)

Google-Kingsoft PowerWord Cooperation Edition” was jointly developed by Kingsoft and Google to provide users with free translation software. Translations of word, sentences, and full text between Chinese, Japanese, and English is supported.Download Now! . For Human Translation Service  

Google Chinese Pinyin Input Method

If you want to input Chinese Pinyin and Chinese characters in your computer, now, I will strongly recommend “Google Chinese Pinyin Input Method” which launched by Google. After installed, to shift your input method to Google Pinyin. Then just wag your fingers to type Chinese characters by Pinyin. Enjoy it. Download Now !