Conversational Chinese Course

Being able to speak Chinese and communicate with others in Chinese is crucial to rapid progress. We give you plenty of opportunities to participate in realistic Chinese conversations, and we guarantee relevant, interesting discussion topics each time.

conversational Chinese lessonsConversational Chinese classes are one of the most popular parts of TouchChinese because that’s where you get to speak and hear natural, everyday Chinese. Conversational Chinese lessons are designed for those who want to improve their basic conversational Chinese online and will help learners on their way to becoming more confident when communicating.

In this conversational Chinese course, the basics of conversational Chinese are covered, such as what you might say when you meet people for the first time and how to talk to people and make new friends. This course allows you to practice some simple conversational Chinese techniques that will give you confidence when meeting and greeting people using the Chinese language as well as reviewing basic auxiliary verbs, main verbs, adjectives and open questions.The Conversational Chinese course emphasis is on day-to-day communication skills in a short amount of time. Students will enjoy 100% speaking practice to help them learn the spoken Chinese used on a daily basis by native Chinese speaking tutor.

Learning one-to-one with your own Chinese teacher, your conversational Chinese lessons will be designed to suit your level and learning needs. You will focus on the areas that you need most help with to allow you to progress in the most effective way.

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