Extreme Sports in Chinese

Extreme Sports (极限运动 jíxiàn yùndòng), also called Action or Adventure sports, are activities that involve a high degree of physical risk, and often include danger from speed (速度sùdù), height (高度 gāodù), or physical exertion (体能 tǐ néng), and may require the use of special equipment.

For daredevils who like to take risks, these kinds of sports are growing in popularity around the world, and China is no exception. The reason for this is that people find the activities very exciting, even if it’s also very dangerous (危险wēixiǎn) and risky (冒险 màoxiǎn)!

Below are some types of Extreme Sports and how to say them in Chinese.

1. 滑翔伞

(huáxiáng sǎn) Paragliding

滑翔 (huáxiáng) gliding

伞 :降落伞 (jiàngluòsǎn) parachute

2. 翼装飞行运动

(yì zhuāng fēixíng yùndòng) Wingsuit Flying

翼 (yì) wings

装 suit:服装 (fúzhuāng)

飞行 (fēixíng) flying: 飞行员 (Fēixíngyuán)pilot

3. 风筝冲浪

(fēngzhēng chōnglàng) Kitesurfing

风筝 (fēngzhēng) kite : 放风筝 fly kite

冲浪 (chōnglàng) surfing

4. 蹦极

(bèngjí) Bungee Jumping

5. 攀岩

(pānyán) Climbing

攀 climb:攀爬 (pān pá),攀登(pāndēng)

岩 rock:岩石 (yánshí)

6. 极限滑雪

(jíxiàn huáxuě) Extreme Skiing

极限 ((jíxiàn) extreme

滑雪 (huáxuě) skiing

7. 自由潜水

(zìyóu qiánshuǐ) Freediving

自由 (zìyóu) free,freedom

潜水 (qiánshuǐ)

1)浮潜 (fú qiǎn) snorkeling

2)深潜 (shēnqiǎn) Deep diving