Free Chinese Classroom

Free Chinese Classroom

This is a free Chinese learning classroom. As a popular Chinese learning community, we would like to build a bridge for worldwide Chinese learners to communicate with each other and become more fluent in Chinese, no matter where they live. Learning online is one of the most convenient methods of learning! We hope you will benefit from it and enjoy your journey of learning Mandarin!

How It Works

The format will be a group setting and you will be able to meet, talk and practice your Chinese with students from countries all over the world. In addition, one of our certified native Chinese teachers from China will listen, correct mistakes, and lead the group. We’ll offer Chinese learners a series of online free group lessons, including survival Chinese, general Chinese, daily conversation, business Chinese, and Chinese for kids. The classroom will include beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, so no matter what your level of skill is, we can help you expand your knowledge of Chinese.

Where: Online TouchChinese classroom (we will send you invitation link before class)

Who: One professional native tutor & learners from the whole world

Topic: Daily conversation for beginners

Goal: While practicing your Chinese, you will be corrected on your pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading and speaking skills. We will supply you with a pure language-learning environment!

Application Deadline: June 29th, 2013, 11:59PM, Eastern Time

The first class:
June 29th(Saturday), 2013, 9:00PM, Eastern Time
June 30th(Sunday), 2013, 9:00PM, Eastern Time (Full)