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Looking for a native Chinese tutor? We have the skilled professional online Chinese tutor you need. TouchChinese brings private Chinese tutors to classrooms, offices and homes around the world, making quality foreign language education accessible to everyone.

We individually evaluate all of our tutors, then we provide them special training to make sure their skills meet our industry-leading quality standards. Every instructor also has a teaching certification and at least three years teaching experience.

The Virtual Classroom Experience

online Chinese tutorAt TouchChinese, we specialize in bringing the full classroom experience into your living room. Your online Chinese tutor sessions allow you to practice asking questions, talking your way through everyday situations and using the vocabulary and grammar you learn with real-life teachers you can trust. This helps build your confidence in speaking Chinese.

Your online Chinese tutor works with you one-on-one to meet your speaking, listening, reading and writing goals. Our tutors are trained to work with both children and adults through online, interactive real-time classes that are based on your own customized learning objectives and ambitions.

Build your confidence and your communication skills with our programs designed to help you achieve maximum results for a very reasonable investment of time and resources. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced foreign language learner, our carefully selected professional instructors can help you reach your goals.

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We have developed a set of original courses that are based on innovative new teaching models as well as time-test methods. The quality of our teaching methods is proven by the results we achieve for students like you every day.

In fact, over 96 percent of our students rate our courses as excellent, recognizing what we’ve been able to do for them through our commitment to quality. Are you ready to be our next success story?

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