Why are Young Chinese Adults Afraid of New Year?

Chinese New Year is coming and most of the young people in China are very excited but also anxious. All of Chinese New Year, these young people will enjoy time with their parents. However, it can be a stressful holiday that is awaiting them. Let’s take a look at few reasons why young adults will find Chinese New Years stressful.

1. 相亲 (xiànɡ qīn) Blind Date

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For a single woman or single man, he or she will have a busy schedule, which is made by their parents. The Chinese young people prefer to get married around 30 years old, which is believed to be too late by the Chinese parents. So the parents will try their best to persuade their kids to go on many blind dates.

2. 催婚(cuī hūn )Be Urged to Get Married

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If the Chinese individual has either a boyfriend or girlfriend, the New Year will become a time of parents pushing their relationships. They will ask ”When are you going to get married?” or just say “you can get married this year”. But parents don’t think that perhaps the young people feel that they do not have the maturity for marriage yet. Hence, another reason why they feel stressed during New Year.

3. 催生孩子(cuī shēnɡ hái zi)Be Urged to Give Birth to a Child

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If the young couples just got married, the parents and other relatives will advise them with ”you should give birth to a baby this year” or “your friends and classmates had given birth to babies, are you going to have a baby this year?”. The older generation would like to see a family develop sooner than later once their children are married. Throughout the New Year holiday, many different questions relating to babies are awaiting the young couples.

4. 经济压力(jīnɡ jì yā lì)Economic Pressure (Financial Burden)

As a tradition of Chinese New year, the adults especially married couple, will give the money filled red packets to the children throughout the holiday. Also during the holiday, young adults will be required to purchase gifts for their relatives or friends. The red packets and all kinds of presents for relatives and friends will requires young adults to financially ready. The New Year can be a financial burden for young couples.

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Now you can understand the reasons why young people are afraid of Chinese New Year. During this time, they really have complicated emotions and mixed feelings with their families’ desires or traditions. However, despite having these issues during the New Year, the holiday usually becomes a wonderful family reunion.