Learn To Speak Mandarin – Guide For Beginners

Did you know that one-fifth of the population of the world speaks Mandarin Chinese? There is a huge percentage of Chinese speakers, and you can become one of them! Learning to speak Mandarin is an excellent idea if you love Chinese culture, plan to do business with Chinese companies and/or clients, or want to immigrate to China. We would like to share some tips that will assist you with learning to speak Mandarin, particularly if you happen to be a beginner.

First of all, pronunciation is key to mastering this language. In Mandarin Chinese, different tones for the same word can show the speaker’s emotions or attitude. There are four Chinese tones that you must learn; each of these tones directly influence the meaning of the words. We encourage new students to listen carefully to audio Mandarin lessons before repeating the different sounds until you’ve acquired the correct pronunciation.

This example explains: why tones are so important.

When you have familiarized yourself with the tones and pronunciation, you’ll begin to learn to speak Mandarin, including greetings, basic introductions, common phrases, and more. Always remember that the crucial part of learning a new language is to live it—don’t just study it!

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