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Learning Chinese curriculum isn’t as easy as some people may think. Unlike English, in which tone is only used to express emotion, Chinese includes a variety of words that have different meanings based on the tone used. The individual sounds of this tonal language are difficult for foreigners to catch on to. As if that weren’t enough of a challenge, Chinese also has hundreds of pictographic words that cannot be deciphered phonetically; this all adds up to a lot of disappointment for many people trying to learn Chinese. This is the reason that many Chinese curriculum programs in China focus solely on the aspects of Chinese that students need to learn for the HSK test: namely, writing and reading. Although these two skills are essential to learning Chinese, we have noticed that Westerners, particularly beginning learners, often choose to learn by focusing on speaking and listening skills, as they wish to be able to speak fluently as soon as possible. Of course, the further along you progress in your studies, the more reading and writing will become essential to mastering the Chinese language.

Your Chinese Curriculum, Made Easier

At TouchChinese, one of our main textbooks for beginners and intermediate students is “My Chinese Classroom” This textbook was created specifically to teach Westerners, and it presents Chinese characters at a much more manageable rate than other textbooks that teach Chinese. In addition, we provide students with the e-book as part of the Chinese Curriculum.

Supplemental Materials in Chinese Curriculum

Our core classes provide exclusive textbooks as well as discussion books, movies, TV shows, group activities, and games to teach you all the skills you need to learn. Each of your course topics at TouchChinese will be customized to address the most relevant aspects, and you will learn in an interactive, engaging manner. In addition, TouchChinese offers many other student resources for studying Chinese outside of class, including software, Mandarin dictionaries, audio and video files, flashcards, Chinese movies, and Chinese TV shows.

Here is our various Chinese course for you, all lessons will be taken online, simple and easy way.

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Survival Chinese Course

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Business Chinese Course

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