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With TouchChinese, it’s easy to learn Chinese. All you need is a webcam, a headset, and a Skype account to get started, and then you can enjoy private one-on-one Chinese classes with an experienced instructor.

In addition to making use of various learning techniques to help all students achieve their goals in language learning, we also focus on creating and improving the Chinese classes to best meet students’ needs. Instructors create personalized lesson plans that address the learning style and personality of each student, including study activities, scenario designs, additional learning resources, and more.

Each student’s progress is tracked with several progress reports along the way, and our expert staff design individualized online Chinese classes according to the learning style, level of experience, and learning pace of each student.

We strive to make available the most relevant information to all of our students so that our courses will be as effective and useful as possible. We strongly encourage you to try a free lesson before signing up for our Chinese classes, simply so you can become accustomed to how our individualized online classes work. Our staff will professionally assess your knowledge of Chinese so that you will choose a course that best suits your needs.

Whether you plan to immigrate to China, work with Chinese-speaking people, study abroad, or have any other reason for learning this fascinating language, we’re here to help! We offer live Chinese classes online that are taught by the best native Chinese-speaking instructors. You can access our online Chinese classes with a free Skype account, which provides very clear VoIP. Wherever you live in the world, you can see and hear our instructors in real time via Skype. Try a free class today!

If you have any question , just contact us: [email protected]

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