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TouchChinese is proud to be expanding to be the premier online Chinese language school internationally.

Mission Statement

Put the needs of our customers first by providing high quality Chinese language courses at an affordable price and providing an engaging, entertaining Chinese language learning experience.

Our Chinese Courses Introduction

Traditional Chinese language classes can be time-consuming, located far away, and even taught by inexperienced instructors. At TouchChinese, our online Chinese language courses are taught by experts who have a wealth of knowledge to share, you can schedule a lesson at any time, and going to class requires nothing more than logging in to Skype for a one-on-one lesson. Our teachers will educate you on China’s culture in addition to teaching you Mandarin Chinese.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful Chinese language learning opportunity. You can learn one of the oldest languages in existence, all in a fun, mentally stimulating environment.

Our Teachers

All of our instructors are native Chinese-speakers who have earned a degree in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. They have an extraordinary amount of expertise with which to help you learn and grow throughout the Chinese course.

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What Real People Say

I have found Touch Chinese language instruction to be convenient, engaging and very enjoyable. I never thought I would learn Chinese language as quickly as I am through TouchChinese, and it really helps to have lessons over Skype with a native Chinese instructor based in China. I am even learning some Chinese writing, which I never thought I would be able to do. I strongly recommend TouchChinese for anyone who wants to learn Mandarin in a convenient and highly professional setting. Learn more…

Chris Cherry, Singapore, 2013

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