TouchChinese is great for anyone who wishes to learn Mandarin Chinese! Go at your own pace and connect via Skype online. Students can customize their enrollment, scheduling their classes for whatever time of day best suits them. We offer a variety of different courses, including kids’ Mandarin, general Mandarin, business Mandarin, and custom Mandarin lessons. Regardless of your age, career choice, or level of knowledge of the Chinese language, we will tailor your course to fit your needs. Our teaching methods make learning Chinese fun, easy, and effective.

Service Features

One-On-One Classes

You will achieve the best results and have the opportunity to learn at your own pace. Our teachers will assess and record your progress so you can easily see which areas need improvement and which areas you are excelling in, and your Mandarin lessons will be designed to address any difficulties you come across. Your pronunciation or grammar will be corrected immediately whenever you make a mistake, ensuring that you learn proper Chinese.

Native Chinese speaking teachers

Learning Mandarin online with native teachers. Our teachers are professionals with years of experience to guide them in teaching you Mandarin online. TouchChinese ensures that all instructors have completed the “Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language” requirement, and all teachers have received training in accelerating students’ learning. In addition, our teachers will do everything they can to help you become fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Flexible Schedule

No matter how busy you are, you can always find time to focus on your online Mandarin lessons. we allow students to schedule their lessons at any time, and changes can be made as necessary.

Live the Language

Instead of making you memorize long lists of vocabulary or grammar concepts, we can help you to live the language through our online Mandarin Chinese classes, explore a world of interactive lessons and discover new expressions in Chinese for real life situations.