Business Chinese Course

For international businessmen, our live business Chinese lessons are available online. Communication in Chinese is becoming increasingly vital due to the development of Sino-foreign trade. At TouchChinese, we develop individualized lessons to suit the needs of each business student. Because business Chinese is such a broad topic, we have narrowed it down to a manageable number of objectives that will help you in the business world on a regular basis.

Our native Chinese teachers can help you online, whether your language goals are to improve your business Chinese speaking or listening skills or to enhance your vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

Business Chinese

Business Chinese Lessons For Beginners

This course is excellent for beginners to take, particularly students who are involved in the business world. You will begin learning phonetics and the necessary Chinese expressions for common tasks in daily life. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Introducing yourself, greeting others, congratulating others, and apologizing.
  2. Riding the bus, using other forms of transportation, shopping, and visiting the hospital.
  3. Making reservations, scheduling an appointment, and purchasing tickets to events.

Business Chinese Lessons For Intermediate Learners

This course teaches students Chinese expressions used in commerce in addition to common vocabulary terms. Those who take this class will be taught to communicate in Chinese business settings, including:

  1. Investments, bargains, and business visits.
  2. Receiving/making payments and requesting a holiday.
  3. Leading a business meeting and scheduling events.
  4. Negotiating and ordering business supplies.

Business Chinese Lessons For Advanced Learners

This course will give students the opportunity to learn Chinese commercial communication skills. It will also address common expressions used in commerce, as well as teaching cross-cultural communication in the context of cooperative and economic exchange, such as:

  1. Business activity arrangements.
  2. Product delivery.
  3. Briefly describing a product or company; giving or receiving a price quote, and commenting on business-related topics.

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