Teaching Foreign Languages to Outgoing Children

KidsIt is well-know that children are naturally talented when learning languages. They are like sponges eagerly soaking up the new information and regurgitating it with style. Learning new languages is different for adults. Most of the time, children learning new things through initiation. They have no grammar, sentence patterns, verbs, or nouns to worry about. All of these structures are absolutely vital when grown-ups try to learn a new language.

Children around the ages of seven to thirteen master new languages the fastest. As a teacher of that age group, I strive hard to give them good memories and a fun experience when learning. I dream that everyone of my students enjoys the process of learning. Today I want to share some of my experience with you. Our subject is teaching foreign languages to outgoing children.

Firstly, I recommend mirroring their tone when talking to them. It will make it easier to get close to their world, and you`ll get more information from the interactions. Show interest in their hobbies, their features, their birthday and any other details they share with you. It is good to remember all these important things they tell you because when used in your class later on, these students are overjoyed that the teacher cares about them. They feel that the teacher is not just a teacher, but someone who also likes them as friends.

Secondly, make friends with your students. When you teach them, you are teaching a different culture and it is important to use this precious gift you have been given effectively to learn as keenly from them as they do from you.

Thirdly, children`s attention span is very short. So normally you should spend half the time teaching and half the time playing games. For more active students, it doesn`t work when we say no. For example when teaching the word GREEN, you can use ask them to find something green at home and show you. They are very happy to show you their stuff. Make sure you tactically manage the scores and don`t forget the time.

These are my most important tips for teaching high-energy students. High-energy students can be the most exciting, as they are willing to jump in and lead from the front. However, they will also rebel and let you know quicker than anyone when they are bored. Therefore, make sure you carefully watch your high-energy students since they will reflect back how successful your lesson is almost instantly.