Online Business Chinese Course

Touchchinese is growing to be the world’s premier online Chinese language school.

At TouchChinese we offer you online business Chinese courses that specifically focus on helping you build and improve your professional Chinese skills. Over the years we have helped hundreds of corporate clients with their staff’s Chinese training needs. This has provided us with a lot of valuable insight to make sure our business Chinese courses reflect the needs of the market.

These courses are available to anyone who chooses to study with an TouchChinese Private Teacher. Together with our native teacher you will get a business Chinese course that focuses specifically on your needs in order to meet your business Chinese goals.

learn business Chinese course online

Simple Way To Learn Business Chinese

Do you still not find the appropriate time to learn Chinese ?
TouchChinese provides an excellent way to learn business Chinese course to follow your tight schedule.

Our lessons are conducted live using Video Instant Messengers such as Skype. It is a great way to learn business Chinese with native-Chinese teachers wherever you are. You can actually see and talk with your Chinese teachers (not pre-recorded)! Our Live online business Chinese course allows individuals to reduce costs and time with the benefit of receiving the best tailor made Mandarin Chinese training service.

Benefits of Learning Business Chinese Online with TouchChinese

  • Learn business Chinese course from your desk; no wasted time or money traveling to an outside training location.
  • Learn Business Chinese to meet your business needs based on your own level, pace and style.
  • Better understanding of Chinese business culture to help integrate into the Chinese sociality
  • Highly trained tutors with extensive experience teaching Chinese as a Second Language to all levels and backgrounds.
  • The lessons can be recorded and archived for you.
  • Competitive pricing for 1 to 1 training

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