Online Chinese Lessons For Kids

Do your children have some shyness of speaking Chinese?
Would you like to provoke your kids’ potential energy of learning Chinese ?

TouchChinese can help you and your children with customized online Chinese lessons for kids, either totally beginner or advanced learner.

Online Kids Chinese course

Simple Way To Learn Chinese For Kids

Children who are still very young will have the easiest time at mastering a foreign language. We have designed an excellent program for children K-12 to learn Chinese. Our Chinese lessons for kids are engaging and involve playing fun games and discussing a variety of interesting topics. Each student is given a customized study plan that will help him or her to succeed, and our tutors will go at your child’s pace to ensure that they can easily learn Chinese. Your child’s learning style will also be taken into account. At TouchChinese, we are always finding new ways to make learning Chinese fun and effective.

All of our kids’ Chinese lessons are done live via Skype, so your child can learn Chinese wherever there’s an internet connection. The only requirement is to have an internet connection, a free Skype account, and a headset. Invest in your child’s education with these useful Chinese lessons. You won’t regret it!

Why Choose Our Chinese lessons For kids

Flexibility and Convenience

Arrange lessons that fit your own schedule and learn Chinese wherever is most convenient for your kids, without have to leave home.

One-on-one Chinese Learning

Learn Mandarin Chinese based on your children’s level, pace and style. If you have any specific request(like help with homework, prepare for a test), we will try best to meet you.

To Build Up Confidence For Kids

Often, kids who are learning Chinese want to be able to speak it fluently right away and are frustrated when they don’t know the words to communicate what they want. TouchChinese solves this problem by designing the lessons so that even in just the first few sessions, kids can say a lot of Chinese and say it quickly, just like those who are fluent in the language. This is very motivating and encourages them to learn even more Chinese until they are actually at a level of excellent fluency.

Professional Chinese Teachers

All of our teachers are experienced with teaching for kids and have received professional training in “Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.”


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