How We Save Your Money $$

  • Private Lessons 75% less expensive than traditional classrooms
  • No transportation costs to get to and from lessons
  • Value packages help reduce costs even further
  • No registration fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No mandatory text book fees

You can try to take a Free Trial Lesson now before purchasing.

We provide a variety of lesson packages according to your learning plan, just choose your suitable course package and Click the “Buy Now” button.

To purchase TouchChinese Services online is fast, simple and safe.

1-ON-1 Course Packages Total Price
10 Lessons $180
15 Lessons + 1 Lesson Free $270 save $18
20 Lessons + 2 Lessons Free $360 save $36
30 Lessons + 4 Lessons Free $540 save $72
60 Lessons + 12 Lessons Free $1080 save $216
90 Lessons + 22 Lessons Free $1620 save $396
1. One regular 1-on-1 lesson lasts 45 minutes.
2. Lesson credits will never expire.

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