Jess Liu


Jess is a well-rounded Chinese teacher, with years of experience, both online and face-to-face. She taught in China and abroad over 5 years, and with her rich teaching experience, has students from all over the world. Thus far, she has helped lots of students achieve their desired HSK level. As a Qualified Teacher with a major in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Jess is comfortable and well-versed in both curriculum-based teaching, and daily conversational classes.

“I am a friendly, professional, and flexible teacher. I can match your goals and tone for the classes you book. I approach each class in a friendly manner to ensure that students feel comfortable learning with me. Moreover, I am learning different languages myself, and this enables me to empathize with the challenges of learning a new language. I have studied a wide range of teaching methodologies, so I can select the right teaching style to suit you. Be it achieving a specific HSK level, acquiring conversational language, immersing yourself in a ne