Use Chinese Slang and Speak like a Native!

Slang is a kind of informal language which actually means other things, instead of its literal meaning. All languages have slang, and Chinese is no exception. We all know plenty of English slang. For example, the expression ‘hit the road’ does not really mean to hit the road. It means ‘Let’s go!’ ‘It’s raining cats … Read more

25 frequently used Chinese sentences you need to know

In this article, we will focus on some frequently used Chinese sentences, which are particularly useful for people who have just started to learn Chinese or who want to travel to China. These sentences will come in handy, are simple and basic, and may help you survive certain social situations. We’ve divided them into 6 … Read more

The character “好(hao)” means more than Good ?

We all know the word “好 (hǎo) ” is good in Chinese. However, for most of Chinese learners, you may not know “好”can be pronounced with fourth tone. It would be “好 (hào)“, which is used as a verb and it means “like”. Let’s see examples here. 1. 好吃(hào chī) like eating (Jùshuō Guǎnɡdōnɡ rén … Read more